Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Crazy Days

Happenings of the past week:

We have also been babysitting our friend's guinea pigs while they are out of town!

Harry and Firebolt

One of our neighborhood bunnies in the flower bed the other morning

Moriah in one of her new, rather grown-up outfits

Philip and Keenan putting new wheels on his roller blades

On Saturday Philip and I watched the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One (well, I watched two thirds and fell asleep, not because it was boring, I was just SO tired from not sleeping well the night before).

On Sunday we went to Santa Fe Lake (so the rest of the family could see how awesome it was and why I loved it so much I bought us a year long pass!)

 Back at the waterfall (flowing a little less now)

 Climbing up some rocks

The swimming area isn't very big, but the kids loved it!

 This stump in the shallow part makes a good seat =)

 Caleb and Moriah (and I) thought it was hilarious that he could "carry" her in the water!


 Building in the sand (What is with Caleb's face?)

The first sandcastle they've ever built in Kansas!

This week the kids are in VBS all morning.

On Tuesday, we dropped our van at the shop and took Philip to work so we could use his car while our A/C was being fixed.   During VBS, I had a wonderful coffee date/chat/prayer time with my friend Dawnita.   The kids and I had a picnic at a park for lunch then did piano lessons, picked up the van and headed to a photo shoot of all the kids in our house church.   Thankfully I was not in charge of this shoot, as there were TWENTY THREE kids in it, at least 10 of which were babies!!

It was nothing short of hilarious!   It was windy, HOT, and just a mess of babies crying, little kids running out of the picture, older kids asking if we were done yet.  I had to snap a few shots on my phone:

Most of the moms trying to get everyone settled

The best we got for that pose!  =)

We moved to a different spot for a second try, and while the photographers were getting everyone situated, I took some pics on my phone of ours and the Pennys older kids:

Eden and Moriah

With Keenan and Jade

This one worked much better, but still a little crazy!

At Moriah's session the other day, her tutor drew a squiggle for her, just the "loop" that goes from the left to the right, and Moriah turned it into this cute girl!

My first swim of the season!

On Friday, while the kids were at VBS, I went to a friend's garage sale... and ended up getting this gem for Keenan.  He has so many books and has quickly run out of shelves! Funny story:  He has lost several teeth lately, and the tooth fairy has "been out of cash".  When I picked him up from VBS, I told him that the tooth fairy had gotten him a present and hoped that he would be okay with it not being cash.  He was THRILLED when he came home to this!

Philip surprised us by coming home in the afternoon, and he and Caleb quickly got to the business of bike riding!   Caleb took to it SO fast!!


That's one happy, proud boy =)

Gotta go... the Storeys are here!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Art Camp for the Kids/Week Off for Joia!

June 5th through 9th, the kids went to their first (days only) summer camp!

It was at the Art Park here in Wichita and included:

Drawing classes (they could choose from four options each day)
Dance (gymnastics, hip hop, flag twirling, etc)

They were there from 9-4 every day....which meant a lot of free time for me! =)

On Monday I ran some errands, picked up Chipotle and met Philip for lunch, came home, napped, watered the flowers, picked up the kids and swam at a friend's house.

Tuesday I met up with a friend for coffee, donated blood (double reds for the first time!), had a fun solo picnic at Riverside Park, took Roger to the dentist, picked up the kids, had dinner, went grocery shopping and did laundry.

Wednesday - had some quiet time at a park before meeting my friend, Wendy, and then we went to two thrift stores, met our friend Liz for lunch, went to another thrift store (got a bunch of cute stuff!), picked up the kids, had dinner and swam at Wendy's and then dropped Keenan and Moriah with Philip at First Wednesday and brought Caleb home to bed.

Delicious lunch at Cafe Maurice

Haha!   Check out this amazing outfit I found at one of the stores!

Thursday, I dropped the kids off, picked up a book (recommended by a friend) at the library and went to Santa Fe Lake (that I just discovered online and is only 25 minutes away!), did a short hike, found a secluded spot on the water and read, sunbathed, napped, and picnicked... ALONE.  

A "couch" carved out of an old tree

Pretty waterfall!

Peaceful hiking trail

My spot

The only thing that disturbed my peace at all was hearing/seeing a snake rustling in the leaves and into his hole...and then seeing a water snake swim by three feet from my feet dangling in the water!

Once the sun got too hot, I moved with my book into this spot... aaah

 Mid afternoon, I came home, showered, picked up the kids and met some friends for the evening and had dinner at a park.

Friday was Such a great day!   It started out a little differently than planned, since Keenan felt sick and I wasn't comfortable taking him to camp.   He came with me to a dentist appointment and then was feeling some better, so he tagged along with Wendy and I for the day.   We were planning to hit up a bunch of garage sales, but decided to start with a big church sale we had heard about.   When we first walked in, I was a little "underwhelmed", but picked a few things from some jewelry they had and then wandered over to the clothing section.   About ten minutes after got there, (since it was the last day of the sale), they announced that it was now "1$ a bag for everything!"   Wendy and I nearly lost our minds.   We were in the zone.   Keenan just kept bringing us more bags and then paying for them and carting them out to the van for us.  I filled SIXTEEN bags with clothes for the kids, myself, shoes, purses, a wallet and a few home goods things.   We were there for 2.5 hours and shopped right through lunch time, so Keenan was starving and begging for us to be done.   He had been such a good sport and help to us that we decided to take him to Chick Fil A for lunch.   We were on cloud nine!!   

This is what I got for $16:

I figured that, after separating my stuff out... I paid 12.5 cents for each of my things =)

I was Super excited to get a "Willow Tree" couple for next to we have our complete family! =)

After lunch, we went to one more sale (where I bought a beautiful formal dress for $8 (worth about $140), picked up the kids, and they swam at Wendy's house, while she did my hair and then the kids went to the Pennys while Philip and I went to a KAFP (Kansas Academy of Family Physicians) banquet.

Ready to go

Needless to say, a perfectly Splendid week for me and a blast for the kids, too!

Caleb loved his art leader, Zack, and took him something every day - this is what he gave him on the last day =)

Here is some of the cool art they came home with all week!!   I was really impressed with the quality of the projects they did:




We highly recommend the camp at the Art Park!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Winding down with the Air Froce/Piano Recital

 Last Saturday, Philip's squadron had a well deserved "fun day".   They spent the morning at Dart Warz on the west side playing last-team-standing, capture-the-flag and kind-of-the-hill games with a variety of Nerf guns, had lunch at a BBQ place, and spent the afternoon doing team building competitions.   Later in the afternoon (despite a downpour!), they all met at the base pool for a cookout to celebrate/say goodbye to Philip, since this was his last weekend commitment with the Reserves!

 After dinner, Philip was presented with some awards

 With SMSgt. Lundrigan

 Explaining this award, it's the tail of a KC135 and has the tail number of his very first flight in the reserves!   It also has four coins - two from his squadron, one from the group, and one from the wing.

 This thing is Awesome!   I think it's possibly my favorite of all of his awards!

 Philip addressing his squadron with gratitude and pride in their achievements over the last few years

 With the Wing Commander, Col Larson (and Caleb) with a beautiful boxed wooden pen/pencil set he gave him

The rain finally let up and the base pool opened after dinner, so the kids jetted over there!   Keenan and Moriah headed straight for the water slides!  We'll miss this pool once we no longer have base privileges...

 Moriah coming out, Keenan watching at the top

 ... and there he is

 The hilarious thing was that our kids had this ENTIRE pool to themselves... with SIX lifeguards watching them!   Possibly the safest swim of their lives! =)

 Caleb enjoyed the kiddie pool and having his own life guard (every time they switched, he'd say "Look!  I got a new one!")

 This rock climbing wall is so cool

 Keenan jumping off

 There goes Riah!

 Caleb tried the small water slide (in order to use the big water slides, you have to be able to swim a lap of the pool in the deep end), and loved it!

On Sunday afternoon, the kids had their Spring Piano Recital.

 All ready to go!

 Moriah played...

 Keenan played...

Our friends, Wendy and Shea surprised the kids by showing up for it - so fun (especially since Philip was on base and couldn't make it).

 Shea and Caleb drawing in their identical sketch books during the recital =)

My dear friend, Wendy, what a blessing she is to me!

There has been LOTS of reading going on in our house, as the kids are participating in two library reading programs this summer!

Moriah reading aloud to Caleb to help them both get their time for the day =)